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To become the most trusted staging company in GTA, by helping home sellers and real estate agents to sell their properties faster and for more money, always finishing the projects on time and on budget.
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Staging Consultation

A home staging consultation is designed to review your house from a buyer's perspective, identify problem areas and provide creative solutions to resolve them. Addressing these issues before your house goes up for sale will give buyers less opportunity to haggle on the sale price and your house will sell in less time and for more money. A comprehensive customized 22-page report with a list of priorities and an action plan will be provided.

From $325.00

Realtors, please call for preferred rate.
Home Staging

We specialize in working with most of your own furnishings to showcase your home's finest features by creating the best traffic flow, emphasizing focal points, using lighting, color and accessories. If you don't have much to work with, we can bring our own high quality inventory, which we rent at a minimal fee.

From $450.00
Vacant Property Staging

We bring in our own or rental furniture and accessories in order to define the function of each room. Contrary to public opinion, buyers do not visualize themselves living in an empty space. They know only what they see, NOT the way it will be. This is why a vacant property lingers on the market for up to 2 times longer than one that has been staged.

From $1000.00
Clean Sweep

Time is a very rare commodity these days. Why don't you let us do all the work for you in preparing your property for sale? We bring in our own team of insured and trusted trades to do the painting, electrical work, repairs, packing, organizing, storing, cleaning, basically we do whatever it takes to prepare your property for the market. Then we will bring our talented team of Certified Staging Professionals™ to design your property, giving it the "Buy me! look" that will surely bring buyers' attention.

From $450.00
E-staging Consultations

If you are in a hurry or cannot accommodate a consultation on your premises, send us your pictures and we will provide you a complete customized "To Do" list that will help you to prepare your house for sale.

From $100.00

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