Selling your home while still living in it? No problem! We

specialize in occupied home staging, helping
homeowners like you, showcase their properties in the
best possible light.
Our occupied home staging consists of a 3-step process:
1. Consultation: We will conduct a thorough
evaluation of your property, identifying its
strengths and areas for improvement. Based on
our assessment, we will provide you with
practical and cost-effective recommendations to
enhance your home’s appeal and maximize its
market potential. You will receive a 22-page
written staging report customized for your
2. Prep work: cleaning, decluttering, cosmetic
upgrades, painting. You can do the work yourself
or have our team do the work for you.
3. Showcasing: Once the prep work is completed,
our team will showcase your property by using
your existing décor complemented with our
carefully curated décor collections.
Don’t worry if you use your dining room as a play
space for your toddler and you don’t have a dining
set. We will bring the right furniture pieces to re-
create the original function of the room.

From: 1499 + HST